Outlets in New York

Outlets in New York are the best places to go shopping in The Big Apple. In Manhattan there are a few shops selling designer clothes at vastly discounted prices. The big shopping outlet centres can be found outside of Manhattan, or even outside of New York. However, they are easy to reach by organised transportation, such as the bus. Below you’ll find my overview of outlets in New York, along with other shopping tips.

Woodbury Common Outlet

If you want to do a lot of shopping close to New York, I recommend one place in particular: the New York shopping outlet, Woodbury Common. You’ll find no less than 220 outlet stores in this shopping heaven. Most of them are clothing stores, both budget and luxury brands, but you can also find Yankee Candle, Samsonite and Disney here. You can get to Woodbury Common by bus from Midtown Manhattan; the journey takes around one hour and a half.

Empire Outlets

The first outlet centre located in New York City itself recently opened its doors: Empire Outlets. This outlet is located on Staten Island, next to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and is easy to reach from Manhattan. Not all the shops are occupied yet, but eventually Empire Outlets will be home to around 100 stores. The location is next to the water, with views of Manhattan, making it a great place to sit and relax with a drink and a snack.

Outlets in New York - Woodbury Common Outlets in New York - Empire Outlets

Century 21

Century 21 is a chain with various stores located in Manhattan. Here you can buy designer clothes with up to 65% off, all year round. It offers women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. But that’s not all; you’ll also find shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, travel items and even homeware items here too. Discover famous brands like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and many more. The largest Century 21 store is located Downtown, opposite the One World Observatory. If you would like to start shopping before you travel, you can order online at the Century 21 web shop and have your order shipped to your hotel (check with the hotel if they will accept this first).

The Mills at Jersey Gardens

In New Jersey you can find The Mills at Jersey Gardens, a shopping centre home to both outlet shops and regular stores. The easiest way to get there is by pre-arranged shuttle, but it is also possible to go by bus. In New Jersey there is no sales tax on clothes and you only pay half on electronic goods. This means extra savings on top of the already discounted prices!

Outlets in New York - Century 21 Outlets in New York - The Mills at Jersey Gardens

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