Boat Tours and Dinner Cruises in New York

Boat tours in New York are very popular. And for good reason! New York is completely surrounded by water. Four of the five boroughs are islands themselves: Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. There are many different boat tours to choose from. If you have a tight schedule, you could take the 60-min Liberty Cruise and if you have more time you can take the 2.5-hour cruise which goes around the whole island of Manhattan. I’ve divided the cruises into separate categories below.

Day Cruises in New York

There are a number of boat tours during the day that are perfect for sightseeing in New York. Ranging from tours of just 60 minutes to 2.5 hours, you can decide how…

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Evening Cruises in New York

One of the evening cruises in New York will give you the best views of the Manhattan skyline. See what the Manhattan skyline looks like at night, when all her…

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Dinner Cruises in New York

Taking one of the dinner cruises in New York is a great way relax and go sightseeing. Enjoy the luxurious Bateaux dinner cruise or go for a buffet with live…

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Special Occasion Cruises

If you are in New York and celebrating something special, like Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day – what better way to surprise your loved ones than to book a boat tour…

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