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Buying New York Giants tickets online before your trip is a good idea. Giants games are very popular and always sold out. Seeing a game of American football is a great experience and definitely worth doing when in New York. New York Giants play at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, just 30 minutes away from Midtown Manhattan. American football season runs from September to January.

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Buying New York Giants tickets

Every game of the New York Giants is sold out. “Cheap” tickets start around $100 to $130 apiece. Buy tickets for the New York Giants by taking a look at this overview and selecting the date you would like to go to a match. It’s possible to pay for the tickets by credit card or PayPal. The tickets are mobile e-tickets that you can show on your phone to enter the stadium. You don’t need to print these mobile tickets. You are guaranteed to receive real tickets and they will always be delivered on time via e-mail.

The tickets sold at discounted prices on the site are from season ticket holders who can’t make it to the game. When there is a high demand for tickets the tickets are sometimes more expensive than the original price.

If you can’t get tickets to New York Giants, check if the New York Jets are playing a home game.

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Where Should I sit at an American football game at MetLife Stadium?

There is one rule: If you have tickets, then you are already lucky. The MetLife Stadium is big, but you still feel that you are close to the field. In the picture below, I have marked the areas in red that are the best places to sit. If those seats are too expensive, then try for seats higher up, because most important is to get tickets to a game.

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New York Giants Tickets - Metlife Seating Chart

Practical Information

How to get to the MetLife Stadium?

It is easy to travel to The MetLife stadium with public transport from Manhattan. Don’t worry about finding the stadium, because thousands of fans will be travelling with you to the same destination. These are the two best options:

1) Take the train from Penn Station on 34th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. Buy a ticket at either the counter or at the machine for the MetLife Stadium. You need to take the NJ Transit rail to Secaucus, New Jersey (the trip takes about 10 minutes). Here, you will transfer to a train that takes you to the stadium. This train will also take about 10 minutes. You don’t have to worry about finding the trains, because you can just follow the crowds of fans travelling with you. Trains begin running 3 hours prior to kickoff and run until 2 hours after the game ends. The total cost is $11 per person for a round trip.

2) Take the Coach USA Express bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on 42nd Street and 9th Avenue. These buses begin running 2.5 hours prior to kickoff and run until one hour after the game ends. The cost is $14 per person for a round-trip ticket. Note that returning home from the game can be very busy on the buses, but everyone ultimately gets a ride back to the city after the game.

When Should I Arrive at the Game?

If you arrive 1-1.5 hours early you will have enough time to look around and soak up the atmosphere. See also Eric’s Tip.

How to get back to Manhattan

To return to Manhattan after the game uses either bus or train, depending on whether you’ve purchased a round-trip ticket. I prefer to travel by train to MetLife Stadium but the bus is a good option too.

COVID-19 regulations

No COVID-19 requirements.

Eric’s Tip: Going to the MetLife Stadium is a really great experience! Everything is very well organised and new. If you have the chance to go, then do it! It is awesome. Feel free to bring along a small camera but bags, backpacks, food, drinks and umbrellas are not permitted. Arrive on time, because everyone will already be there barbecuing in the parking lot, this is called tailgating and it’s a very bizarre sight. Also do take time to walk through the entire stadium.

See below for a list of dates and book directly!

How much does it cost to go to a Giants game?

New York Giants tickets start at: $ 7,00

Can I buy tickets at MetLife Stadium?

I would advise to buy tickets online in advance. Read my tips on why here.

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