About Eric

EricAfter browsing around my site you are probably wondering who Eric is! Yes, that’s me on the left. I hope my tips have helped you plan your trip to New York. You’ll find a little bit about me and what I aim to do with NewYork.com.au below. If you have any questions at all, or feel like you are missing critical information send me an email to eric@newyork.com.au! Don’t forget to check out my lively Facebook page as well. Of course, there’s no better Facebook page on New York to be found. There you can enjoy daily photos from New York, and engage with other enthusiastic New York fans!


My story

My friends and family used to visit me often in New York. As I didn’t feel like repeating my tips over and over again, I decided to write down all the information I gathered, so I could just send them a document. After acquiring this website all I had to do was transfer all the information from my personal travel guide to the website and so NewYork.com.au was born! I kept on writing for my friends and for my mother and shared my love for the city with them. I labelled my personal experiences on the site as “Eric’s Tips” so they all knew clearly that I had tried and tested what I was writing about.

Visiting New York City

Because I often travelled a lot to and from New York, I knew what to expect and what to advise. I’ve made it my mission to visit all the main attractions, test a lot of the restaurants (ok, I still prefer the pizza and burger ones), visit the sports games, try and enjoy opera shows and of course, take all the helicopter tours. I thought that was the only way to know what was worth seeing (and what wasn’t!). And why does this matter? Because I want to be honest: if I feel something isn’t worth doing, I will tell you that. As more people (finally!) visited my site, I realised that they were looking for the same information my friends and family were: local, honest, recent and above all not exaggerated.

Next to creating my own online New York encyclopaedia, I enjoy helping people plan their trip to The Big Apple. I have experienced being single, a father, a tourist and a local in New York and I don’t take life too seriously, so I guess I have all it takes to help you. Apart from checking my website, you can always contact me with questions. When it comes to New York, I’m your guy!

A website dedicated to the Big Apple

Because I am receiving more and more questions about New York and due to the rapid growth of my site, I have created a company and taken on a skilled team. I pass on my knowledge of New York to them so that they can help you (almost) as well as I can myself.

I’ve lived in many neighbourhoods in New York: in East Village on 13th street, Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street, Upper East Side on Park Avenue and Hell’s Kitchen at 9th avenue. I really feel like a local New Yorker who embraces the energy of the city. New York is fast-paced, it’s hip, it’s a melting pot – it’s running in Central Park and grabbing a bagel for breakfast. It’s endless hours of wandering around. Or quickly grabbing a yellow cab (and still wait forever in traffic). I know what makes this city unique and I would love to tell you about it too.

Let me help you feel like a real New Yorker!

Click here for my daily updated calendar that shows you exactly which events and holidays take place during your stay. Do you need help with planning your days in New York? Then see here for my example itineraries. And finally you’ll have all the essential information in your pocket with my free Eric’s New York app, including offline maps and overviews of attractions, toilets and free wifi-spots. Click here for the Android App and click here for the iPhone App.

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