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What to do in New York this weekend

What to do in New York this weekend

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The Best Parks in New York
The Best Parks in New York
Summer is here! I’ve picked the best green spaces of the city for you, from the most famous Central Park, to an old railway track turned park.

Do you want to know what there is to do in New York this weekend? Take a look below where you can find an oversight of weekend activities in the city. For example, catch a sports game. Almost every weekend throughout the year there’s a range of sports games on and the atmosphere in the stadiums is always awesome! Feel like some music? There are a huge range of concerts on each week throughout New York. See the biggest stars, live on stage at Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall or Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. Of course, it’s also very important to know if you happen to be in New York on National Pizza Day or National Burger Day! In the below breakdown you can see a daily account of all events coming up this weekend.

Seeing a Broadway Musical

Seeing a Broadway Musical is a must during your New York trip. During the weekend you can see a Matinee show on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and also evening performances on both days too. Go to see a classic show that has been running for years or see one of the exciting new musicals and enjoy the modern storylines and impressive sets. If you feel like going out on the town during the evenings and are looking for the best of New York’s nightlife, the Nightclub Experience on a Saturday is something for you. Alternatively make it an early night and head back to your hotel so you can be up bright early on Sunday in order to board the bus for a gospel tour through Harlem!

New York Weekend Calendar

As I am sure you already know, there is always something to do in New York City. They don’t call it The City That Never Sleeps for nothing! Take a look at the calendar below and see for yourself what is happening in the city during your stay. I have put the best activities for your Friday, Saturday and Sunday together in one handy list so you never have to ask what you can do in New York this weekend. You can buy tickets directly, safely and easily by clicking on the links!

Find events

Find events

Weekly events in New York in June 2019

1 - 30 Jun
New York City Gay Pride
This year, New York is the host of World Pride! Get ready for a month of celebration, with over 50 different events all around the city. On the last day, the annual march goes through Fifth Avenue and ends in Greenwich Village.
28 Jun
Rooftop Bar Tour
The best way to explore several of New York's bustling rooftop bars, while skipping lines and marching straight past picky bouncers. Can't make it on a Friday? This tour is available on several days, every week.
Fri - Start time: 19:10 | Baseball, Sports | Starting at $29.00
Fri - Start time: 19:30 | Basketball, Sports | Starting at $34.00
Fri - Start time: 20:00 | Soccer, Sports | Starting at $27.00
Fri - Start time: 20:00 | Concerts, Rap | Starting at $88.00
Fri - Start time: 20:00 | Concerts, Pop | Starting at $134.00
29 Jun
Saturday Nightlife
Party in different nightclubs in New York on Saturday night.
Sat - Start time: 16:10 | Baseball, Sports | Starting at $40.00
Sat - Start time: 19:00 | Soccer, Sports | Starting at $21.00
Sat - Start time: 20:00 | Concerts | Starting at $38.00
30 Jun
Gospel on Sundays
Experience authentic gospel music in one of the churches of Harlem. This tour is available on Wednesdays too.
Sun - Start time: 19:05 | Baseball, Sports | Starting at $14.00
Sun - Start time: 19:30 | Concerts, Pop | Starting at $52.00
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