Skating in New York

Skating in New York

From October everyone can go ice skating in New York. The hot-spots for ice skating in New York are Rockefeller Center and Central Park but there are more rinks. A true New York winter would not be complete without ice skating on one of the rinks around the city. Many New Yorkers look forward to putting on their skates each year. Tourists are also able to enjoy ice skating in the Big Apple. Where should you go ice skating?

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is an amazing ice rink, especially during the festive months of November to January. It’s not the cheapest rink, but it’s certainly allows you to skate in style. To get there, walk to Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets, through the Channel Gardens and down the stairs. You can’t miss it!

Rockefeller Skating Packages

The Rockefeller Rink offers some great skating packages. The VIP skating arrangement is my favourite! It includes skate rental, a 90-minute evening skate session, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies and pastries, entrance to the VIP Chalet AND admission to the Top of the Rock.

Book your evening VIP skating arrangement here

If you prefer skating in the morning, you can book a morning skating session. Arrive at the rink at 8:30 and enjoy the holiday spirit on the ice, while munching on some cookies and hot chocolate in the heated VIP chalet. You can visit Top of the Rock afterwards.

Book your morning VIP skating arrangement here

For a unique Christmas experience book tickets for an exclusive evening of skating and dining at Rockefeller Center. Combine spinning around the ice with a fancy rink side dinner at The Sea Grill.

Book ice skating plus dinner at The Sea Grill here
Tickets for 2019 are not available yet

Practical Information

  • Season: 12th October 2019 to April 2020
  • Opening hours: You can skate in sessions of an hour and a half, starting from 08:30 until midnight
  • General Admission: adults: from $25 to $33 per session, children (up to 11): $15 per session
  • Skate Rental: $13

Skating in New York - Rockefeller Rink Skating in New York - Skating at Rockefeller Center

Bryant Park

Just steps away from Times Square, Bryant Park is located on 42nd Street between Fifth Avenue and 6th Avenue. The rink, located right in the park, is even bigger than the Rockefeller skating rink. If you would like more skating space, then this is definitely a good option. This is the hottest rink in town as it is free for everyone!

  • Season: 31 October 2019 through March 2020
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 until 22:00
  • General Admission: free
  • Skate rentals: $20 per person, included in the New York Pass

Skating in New York - Bryant Park Rink Skating in New York - Bryant Park

Central Park

Skating in Central Park is found at the Wollman Rink. This rink is definitely one of the finest in the world. The Wollman Rink is located at 62nd Street, on the Fifth Avenue side (east side) of Central Park.

  • Season: 19 October 2019 to April 2020
  • Opening hours: 
    • Monday/Tuesday:          10:00 – 14:30
    • Wednesday/Thursday:   10:00 – 22:00
    • Friday/Saturday:            10:00 – 23:00
    • Sunday:                         10:00 – 21:00

Buy tickets for skating in Central Park here

A little further north in Central Park, near 107th Street on the Fifth Avenue side of the park, is the Lasker Rink. This rink is open from late October until March. Admission is $8.50 for adults and $4.50 for children. Skate rentals are $7.50.

Skating in New York - Wollman Rink Skating in New York - Central Park

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