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Finding Bargains in New York

Finding Bargains in New York

Century 21 New York

Pay attention to the New York sales! This can save you lots of money! Beware of stores that do not list their prices in their displays. Never trust signs that says “Liquidation,” “Last Days” or “Going Out of Business.”

The electronics stores around the Times Square area are especially like this. Check to make sure you have received the original box, warranty certificate, and instruction manual!

Century 21 in New York

A favourite store for tourists to visit when in New York is Century 21, across from Ground Zero.

In mid 2011, a new Century 21 store was opened in New York on Broadway, between 66th and 67th. Street. Since the tourists don’t know about this store, it is a lot calmer than the downtown location.

Read more about Century 21 here

Bargains in New York City Bargains in New York

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