Vegetarian Restaurants in New York

Vegetarian Restaurants in New York

There is an abundance of vegetarian restaurants in New York. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will be happy to know that we are a veggie friendly city. Most restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options on their menu due to the rapidly growing popularity of plant-based food, even amongst non-vegetarians. So, even if you’re not vegetarian, get out of your comfort zone and give it a try, it can be delicious! Because there are so many options, I have created a list with the best vegetarian restaurants in New York.


If you are craving fast food while on a vegan diet, then head to By CHLOE. Try the Classic Burger (that can almost pass for the real thing… almost) and the Air-Baked French Fries. If you feel like something healthier, they also serve juices, smoothies and salads. They have a few small locations around the city.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Contrary to what the name suggests, The Butcher’s Daughter is an all vegetarian and dairy-free restaurant. They describe themselves as a “vegetable slaughter house” and slow juices are their specialty. Why not try the “Goddess of Green”, a green juice with a twist? If you are more of a beer person, their selection of craft beers on tap won’t disappoint. Hungry? Choose among a variety of dishes like their famous avocado toast, a selection of “pastas” made with vegetables like courgette or a spicy kale salad, to name a few. They have two locations that fill up quickly during peak hours but the wait for a table is usually not too long.

Vegetarian Restaurants in New York - The Butcher's Daughter Vegetarian Restaurants in New York - The Butcher's Daughter Terrace


Ladybird is a vegan restaurant in New York. This cozy place in the Lower East Side serves plant based tapas. Although the dishes on the menu would make you think otherwise, as it has ‘ricotta’ and ‘cheddar’, among others. You can order some dishes to share, so you can taste as much of the delicious menu as possible. Even meat eaters will be surprised about the great food at Ladybird!

Caravan of Dreams

Caravan of Dreams offers a wide range of dishes from all over the world: Mexico, Italy, Asia… there is something for everyone. Caravan of Dreams is located in the Lower East Side and attracts a younger crowd. On weekend nights there is often live music. I highly recommend trying their desserts, they are delicious. After dessert you can go out in this great neighbourhood.

Caravan of Dreams in NYC

Sacred Chow

Vegetarian restaurant Sacred Chow is in a fun Downtown location. They have a varied seasonal menu so it is constantly changing. They serve salads, panini’s and also several sorts of tapas. One portion of tapas costs around $8 but you can also get 3 tapas for $19,50. Some dishes are nicer than others but the smoothies are all delicious. The atmosphere is not that great though and often there are long waits to get a table.

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is an Asian vegan restaurant. The flavours and spices used in their dishes are amazing. All the main dishes can be served with rice, miso soup or a salad. The prices are very reasonable, the most expensive main dish costs around $14. This restaurant is located in SoHo though they do have another location in Brooklyn as well.

Eric’s Tip: The atmosphere is nice, relaxed and the staff is helpful. Some spicy dishes can be made non-spicy, all you need to do is ask if it’s possible. Try the Cilantro Tofu and Pineapple Fried Rice.

cilantro tofu and shiitake in chilly sauce at wild ginger in new york pinneapple fried rice at wild ginger in new york

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