Whale Watching in New York

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Whale watching in New York

Whale watching in New York is possible! Whales travel along the east coast of America and also pass by New York. The bay that connects the Hudson River to the sea is full of food, so for many whales, this is an attractive area. Leave the skyscrapers and Manhattan behind to spend a few hours on the water among the largest marine animals.

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Whale Watching NYC

During your trip to New York, you can spend a few hours on the water in search of the largest of marine animals; whales. You will embark on the only whale watching boat tour that departs from Manhattan towards New York Bay and a stretch of the open sea. Because the boat tour departs from the city, you will spend very little time travelling to and from the boat. The route of the whale watching cruise depends on where the whales are at that moment. Along the way, you can enjoy the view of the skyline, sail under the Brooklyn Bridge and past the Statue of Liberty. Your guide will tell you all about the waters and the whales. There is a good chance (they say 97%) that you will see whales and even dolphins, however as they are animals living in the wild, there is never a full guarantee that you will see them.

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Whales in New York

For years no whales were spotted in the waters around New York, but in recent years this has changed. The large marine animals pass by New York Bay on their journey from Canada to Florida, and some spend the entire summer in New York. There is a lot of food for the animals here. Not only whales are attracted, but also dolphins and seals.

Practical Information

After your purchase you will receive a voucher which you can print out and use as your ticket for the tour, or show as a mobile ticket on your phone. On board you will have the opportunity to buy something to eat and drink.

As whales can be seen in New York from May to October, the cruise is only available during these months.

  • Duration: Approximately 4.5 hours
  • Departure Point: Pier 40 at Hudson River Park
  • Departure Time: 11:00, please be present 30 minutes before departure

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Can you spot whales in New York?

You can spot whales in New York. Book your whale watching cruise here.

When can you see whales in New York?

Whales can be spotted in New York from May to October. Read more about how to see the large sea creatures here.

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