Hudson Yards in New York

Hudson Yards in New York

Hudson Yards in New York is Manhattan’s latest neighbourhood. Hudson Yards is located at High Line Park, on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan. On the North and South Side, the neighbourhood is bordered by 30th to 43rd Street and on the West and East Side by the West Side Highway and Eighth Avenue. Most of the sights in Hudson Yards, however, are located in a smaller area that only covers a few blocks. Hudson Yards mainly consists of skyscrapers, which are partly used as residential accommodation and partly as office space. Several city parks have been created between the buildings. In addition, various sights have been built that are worth a visit! If you want to travel there by subway you can take line 7. This will stop at the only subway station in the district: 34th Street – Hudson Yards Subway Station.


Edge Observation Deck

Edge Observation Deck is an impressive observation deck located on the 100th floor of the skyscraper 30 Hudson Yards. Edge Observation Deck is an open-air platform that protrudes from the building at a height of 335 metres, where visitors have an entirely new view of Manhattan. You will be amazed by the views that the slightly tilted windows and the partly transparent floor offer.

Hudson Yards in New York - Vessel Hudson Yards in New York - Edge Observation Deck

City Climb at Edge

Daredevils can do the City Climb at Edge in New York. You’ll climb to the tip of 30 Hudson Yards, which is located above Edge observation deck. During the City Climb, you walk, in harness, via a staircase on the side of the building to a height of 365 meters. At the top, lean over the edge to enjoy views of New York City and the surrounding states. Be prepared to feel that you are on one of the highest spots in the city.

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Hudson Yards Vessel

The Vessel is a true eye-catcher, a structure consisting of 154 stairs and 80 platforms that resembles a beehive. It is located in the heart of Hudson Yards and you can order the Hudson Yards Vessel tickets through my website. Ever since the official opening, Vessel has become a popular attraction and captivates thousands of visitors each day. The building is surrounded by Public Square and Gardens. Would you like to take a break after climbing the many stairs? Find yourself a bench in this city park and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Hudson Yards.

The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

At The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards shopaholics can indulge themselves in some retail therapy! This shopping mall is located between 10 Hudson Yards, 30 Hudson Yards and Vessel and has 7 floors with shops and eateries. The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards has a luxurious aesthetic, but there are also high street brands like H&M, UNIQLO and the Banana Republic.

Hudson Yards in New York - The Shops & Restaurants Hudson Yards in New York - Mercado Little Spain

Mercado Little Spain

Once you have visited all the sights and shops in Hudson Yards, you will probably need a break. Mercado Little Spain is the perfect place for this. At this covered Spanish market with all kinds of different eateries, you will find dishes and snacks like tortillas, empanadas and a selection of Spanish hams and cheeses.

The Shed

The Shed is also an impressive building in Hudson Yards. The Shed can best be described as a cultural centre. It says it offers a stage for original art from all disciplines, for all kinds of people. For example, they organise exhibitions as well as various shows and films that you can go and see. The Shed’s roof can be moved so that the shape of the building can be adjusted to the program.


CAMP is not just another toy store. Children can play with the toys, discover different themed areas and participate in various activities. In addition, children can also play in the store. There are slides, climbing frames, and a Jeep where they can sit. In the music room, there is always a party because of the disco floor. CAMP works with four different themes, which change every 8 to 12 weeks.

Eric’s Tip: Hudson Yards offers all kinds of different sights and activities, all situated close together and easy to reach by subway 7. Thanks to the varying offers available, there is something for everyone. Hudson Yards is worth checking out, even if you just need to use the restroom. You can explore this area by walking the ‘High Line Park – Hudson Yards’ route via the Eric’s New York App. Open the app and select ‘walking routes’ to find the tour. Besides Hudson Yards, you will visit Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen amongst others.

Hudson Yards in New York - Store Hudson Yards in New York - The Shed

Hotels in Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is a relatively small neighborhood, with many office buildings. There are therefore few accommodation options. But there is one hotel in Hudson Yards where you can fully immerse yourself in luxury: Equinox Hotel New York. Here you will not stay under five hundred euros per night, but then you also get ultimate comfort, including filtered air and organic mattresses.

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