The Best Rooftop Bars of New York

The Best Rooftop Bars of New York

Where are the best rooftop bars in New York? On this list are my favourite rooftop bars in the city, where you can have a drink, get some food and enjoy the views of Manhattan. The rooftop bars in NYC are great for a night of partying and meeting people.


New York Rooftop Bar Tour

If you want to experience the best rooftop bars in New York for a great price, then I suggest taking the rooftop bar tour. On this hassle-free tour, you will visit two of New York’s popular rooftop bars! Enjoy a night out in New York and the two drinks that are included!

This tour is available on Tuesdays and Fridays and starts at 18:45. This means that between April and October you will have views of the sunset over Manhattan. The tour is a great introduction to the city’s nightlife and a good way to meet new people who are for the same reason: to have a good time.

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Rooftop Bar in New York

  1. Panorama Room

    The Panorama Room on Roosevelt Island is the only rooftop bar on the island and therefore offers unique views over Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge. Grab a cocktail or a beer and head outside to the terrace. The bar, which feels like a lounge, also offers small bites, mostly seafood. To complete your experience, with your MetroCard*, you can take the Roosevelt Island Tram to or from this rooftop bar. Remember to bring your ID and dress neatly.

    Best Rooftopbars In New York Panorama Room - Inside  Best Rooftopbars In New York - Panorama Room

  2. The Roof (at PUBLIC hotel)

    The Roof at hotel PUBLIC is one of New York City’s rooftop bars and also boasts one of the best views. It’s located in the Lower East Side, and the views of Downtown and Midtown are, therefore, also unique. The Roof offers a 360-degree panorama over New York. From here, you can see all the tall Manhattan buildings, including the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. This view makes watching the sunset from The Roof phenomenal. Between 17:00 and 19:00 you can get in pretty easily, without having to comply with strict dress codes. But as it’s one of the city’s hippest hot spots, later in the evening and especially the weekends, there are much stricter door regulations, you can expect a queue.

    When you enter hotel PUBLIC don’t take the very obvious escalator to the upper levels. Head instead to the lifts behind and they will take you up to The Roof.

    The Best Rooftop Bars of New York - The Roof at PUBLIC The Best Rooftop Bars of New York - The Roof Sunset

  3. RT60

    RT60 is the rooftop bar of the Hard Rock Hotel, located near Times Square. Because of this, it can be busier, so it’s handy to make a reservation in advance. The rooftop has a view and seating on both sides. From one side you can catch a glimpse of Times Square. You can also choose to sit inside or at the bar, where a DJ is often present. The rooftop is not very big and the view isn’t spectacular, but it is a nice place to have a drink. Visit the Hard Rock Hotel as well to see special items from big stars.

    Best Rooftop Bars In New York RT60 OutsideBest Rooftop Bars In New York RT60

  4. RH Rooftop Restaurant

    RH Rooftop Restaurant is located in a rather unusual place: on the roof of a furniture store! Restoration Hardware is a chic home furnishing store in a beautiful old building in Meatpacking District. You can make a reservation before you visit. To get to the rooftop you first have to walk through the shop, where you can also find several bars. If you go here in the afternoon, you can have a snack and a drink at the rooftop bar without a very strict entrance policy. Or you can go there for dinner. Personally, I find it an accessible place as you can order things like a burger, lobster roll or roasted chicken. Part of the rooftop bar is covered. Inside is reserved for food, in the outdoor area you can have a drink with a view over the Meatpacking District.

  5. Electric Lemon

    Electric Lemon is located on the 24th floor of the Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards. From the outside bar, you have a unique view over the Hudson River and the surrounding buildings. The inside bar offers a view of the Vessel. It is a great place to combine with a visit to the Edge observation deck. If you like, you can also have something to eat here. Keep in mind that it can be windy outside.

    Best Rooftop Bars in New York - Electric LemonBest Rooftop Bars in New York - Electric Lemon view

  6. 230 Fifth

    When you enter 230 Fifth, walk all the way to the back where you can take a lift to the top floor. The lift opens on the Penthouse Lounge, a very large lounge that looks hip and trendy. The entire lounge is fitted with windows which gives you a spectacular view of Manhattan.

    The lounge is open all year round from 14:00. After seeing this amazing lounge, go upstairs to the Rooftop Garden. You won’t know where to look! You’ll see among others the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building). On the other side of the rooftop, you’ll see Downtown and the Freedom Tower. If it’s a clear day you might even see the Statue of Liberty. The Rooftop Garden is huge, feels accessible to everyone and is a nice place to relax. During the weekend it can get very busy and there will be queues in front of the door, especially after 23:00. Dress neatly, always with a shirt and dress shoes.

    The Best Rooftop Bars of New York - 230 Fifth By Day 230 Fifth in New York

  7. 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar

    If you are in the Times Square area looking for a place to get a drink, you can go to 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar. The bar is located in Margaritaville Resort. This hotel has two bars; there’s one on the sixth floor with a pool. But I like the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar better, even if it has less fuzz, the views are better than from the other bar. You can see Downtown Manhattan and you can even catch a glimpse of Times Square. Enjoy your drink inside or head outside to the terrace.

    Best Rooftop Bars in New York - 5 o clock  Best Rooftop Bars in New York - 5 o Clock Somewhere Bar

  8. Gansevoort Hotel

    The Gansevoort Rooftop is the place to go to for various occasions. If it’s been a long day and time to unwind with some drinks and snacks then this rooftop is certainly the place to be. It is also the place to party on weekends and meet people. This rooftop bar is very popular, so make a reservation if you want to visit during the evenings or on weekends. Otherwise, take into account that you might have to queue. During the day you might be able to get into the lounge club without a passport, or if underage, but after 19:00 this won’t be possible. Keep in mind that you’ll need to dress neatly.

    Rooftop Bars in New York - View from Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop Bars in New York - Gansevoort Hotel

  9. JIMMY at ModernHaus SoHo

    JIMMY is located in the hotel ModernHaus SoHo. You have to take the stairs and a lift to get there. The rooftop is small but it’s a nice place to enjoy your poolside drink. There is an indoor bar as well. From the rooftop, you have views over Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. It is a chic and hip place, so dress neatly and always bring your passport. Entrance only from 21 onwards.

    The Best Rooftop Bars of New York - Jimmy The Best Rooftop Bars of New York - The Pool

  10. Bonus – Rooftop Terrace for Kids

    If you went to Bryant Park or shopping on Fifth Avenue during the day, you can head to the rooftop terrace of this branch of the New York Library. This library is free to visit and fun to go to with kids. From the terrace, you can look up to the buildings around you and see the famous New York Public Library. When entering the library, you can take the elevator up. If the cafe on the same floor is open, you can get something to drink and grab a bite to enjoy on the terrace.

    Best Rooftop Bars in New York - For Kids

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