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What to wear in New York

What to wear in New York

What to wear in New York

With a few exceptions, little value is attached to super chic clothes and accessories when sightseeing in New York. If you are not dining at a top restaurant, it is fine to dress fairly casually. Jeans and smart sneakers are commonplace in most restaurants. An exception is for clubs, If you go to a club casually dressed, you are almost guaranteed to be denied entrance. So make sure you bring your party outfit and more comfortable clothes for during the day. Here are a few tips on what to wear in New York.

Appropriate Clothing in New York

Even in the summer, I recommend that you don’t leave without a sweater or a thin jumper to hand. The air-conditioning in most stores is set to a cool 18 degrees. So when walking in from the summer heat, you may want a cover-up. In addition a raincoat and an umbrella are no luxury. Even on a sunny day it can suddenly start raining cats and dogs and you don’t want to spend the rest of your day sightseeing drenched to the bone. Do not forget your dress shoes if you want to hit the club.

In the winter, it can get especially cold. My recommendation is to wear lots of layers, this way you can take off or add clothes easily, according to the temperature in and outside. Gloves, a hat and a scarf are definitely must pack items for what to wear in New York during the winter months.

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