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West Side Story on Broadway Tickets

West Side Story on Broadway Tickets

West Side Story on Broadway Tickets

West Side Story on Broadway tickets can easily be purchased online. I recommend buying theatre tickets before you travel to New York to save time and money. This revival of West Side Story is directed by Belgian Tony Award winner, Ivo Van Hove, with choreography by, also Belgian, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The latest edition of this 1957 classic is definitely worth a visit if you’re in New York. The romance between members of rival gangs; Maria and Tony is more relevant than ever!

West Side Story returns to Broadway at the end of 2019

New York’s Romeo and Juliet

West Side Story takes place in New York’s Upper West Side during the 50’s, and is therefore referred to as New York’s Romeo and Juliet. The classic storyline is kept alive in this revival. You’ll be reintroduced to rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, who due to their different ethnic backgrounds, are at war with each other. In the midst of this rivalry an impossible romance blossoms, between the Puerto Rican Maria; sister of the leader of the Sharks, and Tony, an old member of the ‘white’ Jets.

West Side Story for a new generation

Enjoy the many well known musical numbers; such as ‘Tonight’, ‘America’ and ‘I Feel Pretty’. The works of Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim are ready for a new generation! The famous dance scenes by Jerome Robbins have been replaced with alternative choreography: A first for the US, where it was not previously allowed. This doesn’t mean that dance takes a less central role, however, in fact, quite the opposite! All the more reason to see the West Side Story of the 21st Century.

How to buy West Side Story Tickets?

It’s easy to buy tickets. Above you can select the date that you want to go. You’ll get an overview of all the tickets available. You can then choose how many tickets you would like, add them to your cart and pay right away. After paying, you’ll receive a confirmation and voucher by email right away. You’ll exchange the voucher for tickets at the theatre on the day of the show, at least one hour before the show starts.

Seats are assigned by the theatre, which is why you won’t know your exact seating at the time of booking. Seat numbers will be clearly marked on the tickets. For bookings up to 4 people you are guaranteed seating next to each other. For larger groups the theatre will try its best.

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Why buy through

  • No unexpected costs. What you see is what you pay!
  • Guaranteed best available seats at the time you book
  • A dedicated help desk: You can always contact me, by email or WhatsApp
  • Reliable, safe and fast
  • Pay safely with credit card or PayPal
  • If you choose a flex ticket, cancellations are possible up to 10 days before the show date.

Send me an email at if you want to book for groups of 10 people or more.

Show Information

  • Minimum age: Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

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Don’t want to see West Side Story?

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