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Victoria’s Secret in New York

Victoria’s Secret in New York

Victoria's Secret in New York

Victoria’s Secret is a big lingerie brand in New York, not just for lingerie, but also for women’s clothing and beauty products. Victoria’s Secret is known for their pink shopping bags, fashion shows, quality and service.

Whatever it is you buy, you will always get it wrapped neatly in a pink shopping bag for you to take home. There are always sales, like 3 panties for $15, but Victoria’s Secret in general is not a cheap brand. If the dollar exchange rate is favourable, then it is cheaper to get some stuff in the United States rather than in Australia. I counted more than 15 Victoria’s Secret stores in New York, so it will not be difficult to find one.

Here are the addresses to some of the largest Victoria’s Secret stores:

  • 1328 Broadway (across from Macy’s)
  • 34 East 57th Street
  • 565 Broadway

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