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Taking Photos in New York

Taking Photos in New York

Taking Photos in New York

Taking Photos in New York can be so easy; the city is just one photo opportunity after another. Who would not want to commemorate their trip to the wonderful city of New York in photos? In the age of smartphones and social media we have become accustomed to taking photos whenever and wherever we feel like it. When in New York however, here are a few things to bear in mind.

Public places

The best advice for when photographing in a public place is to use common sense. It is also polite to ask for permission especially in theatres, concert halls, clubs and museums. Though be prepared for the possibility that your request may be declined.

In addition, be careful when taking photos in restaurants. Some of the other diners might not appreciate being in your picture. Taking photographs of your meals and posting them online is not forbidden but some high-end restaurants have started to discourage this practice. A photo snapped with a mobile phone seldom does justice to the dish, after all.

If taking photos in a shop, be cautious as it’s usually not appreciated. Before you know it you have a security guard breathing down your neck. Quite often there will be a sign or a sticker on the door prohibiting any photography.

Also watch out when taking photographs of people on the street. Some New Yorkers don’t want tourists taking photos of them. In addition, most parents don’t appreciate strangers photographing their children. Homeless people and African-Americans in Harlem are generally not very enthusiastic about tourists with cameras.

It is not permitted to take pictures of Police Officers, and Bus Drivers will expect a $1 reward for a photo.

Where to take pictures in New York

The wonderful sights of New York are always camera ready. Head to Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central and Empire State Building and you are guaranteed some great photos.

Or how about handing the camera to a professional photographer and having them take your photos? Finally you and your partner can pose together in the picture! Take a walking tour in New York with a personal photographer.
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