Street Art in New York

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Street Art in New York

Street art in New York can be found in many places throughout the city. The artworks of great graffiti artists such as Banksy and Eduardo Kobra can be found on the walls of New York. Especially Bushwick in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side in Manhattan are known for their many art murals. To see New York’s street art, you can book a tour.


Different Types of Street Art

There are three different types of street art: graffiti, murals and street art. Graffiti is often done at night and consists of words and scribbles. A work based on an image or photo is called street art. Street art and murals are created during the day. A mural is a wall painting that takes up an entire wall. In street art, only a small part of the wall is covered.

Not only artists have discovered street art, but also companies, and this can be seen throughout the city. More and more brands are advertising through a large mural or street art throughout the city. These are often very creative and perfect for a fun photo.

Street Art in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the beating heart of street art in New York. In the 1970s, graffiti was sprayed on the underground subways that stood in the Brooklyn shunting yard. The rolling artworks evolved from random paint scribbles to paintings with unique styles. Despite this, the New York City Transit Authority did not want their trolleys to be used and started fending off the artists. As a result, the industrial walls of Brooklyn became their new canvases.

The Bushwick district in particular is known for its many murals. The Bushwick Collective is a project in which both well-known and lesser-known artists participate every year. They get a piece of wall on which the most extraordinary works of art are made. Williamsburg and Greenpoint are also neighbourhoods full of creativity and this is reflected in the streets. A fun way to learn more about street art in Brooklyn, is by booking a tour.

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Street Art in New York - Brooklyn Williamsburg  Street Art in New York - Williamsburg

Street Art in Manhattan

You can also admire street art on the walls of the buildings in Manhattan. Often large murals are created, which contain an underlying message. A well-known spot in the city is the Houston Bowery Wall. This piece of wall in the Lower East Side was painted by Keith Haring in 1982. Over the years, many other artists followed him, including Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Every few months, the wall is painted by a different artist, so it’s possible that the mural you wanted to see is gone.

At the corner of West 79th Street and Broadway you can find a work of art by Banksy. The “Hammer Boy” is a simple silhouette of a child holding a hammer, and it looks like he is playing a carnival game. It is fun to walk by when exploring the Upper West Side. To discover more street art in Manhattan, you can book a tour.

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Street Art in New York - Manhattan NYC  Street Art in New York - Manhattan

Street Art Tour through Manhattan and Brooklyn

Street art can be found all over New York. You can see the different styles, with different messages, on a tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Eric’s Tip: Are you a big fan of street art? Then you should definitely stay at the citizenM Bowery, nearby Lower East Side. The hotel houses the Museum of Street Art, an homage to the legendary 5 Pointz, a former landmark of street art. The museum is located in the staircase of the hotel and spans over 20 floors, where the work of many graffiti artists is being displayed. I recommend taking the lift to the top floor and then walking the stairs down to the bottom.

How much does a ticket for a street art tour in New York cost?

Street art tour tickets are available from A$23.

What is the best way to see street art in New York?

The best way to see street art in New York is to book a tour. Read more here.

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