Greenpoint in Brooklyn

Greenpoint in Brooklyn

Greenpoint in Brooklyn is a hip New York neighbourhood where you can find many cosy bars, lots of vintage shops and all kinds of restaurants. Greenpoint in New York features both old industrial buildings and luxury high-rises. This neighbourhood in Brooklyn borders Williamsburg to the north, offers stunning skyline views and can be explored in a day.

Things to see in Greenpoint

Greenpoint in New York does not have many major attractions; it’s mainly a nice neighbourhood to walk through. You can visit Transmitter Park, for instance, which is a park on the East River overlooking the Manhattan skyline. It is where residents like to unwind. You could also get a coffee to go at one of the surrounding cafes and enjoy the view.

Eric’s Tip: “If you want to know more about Greenpoint, follow the walking route in my Eric’s New York App. On this walk, you will pass some of my favourite spots in the neighbourhood and experience the real Greenpoint.”

Eating and Drinking in Greenpoint

Greenpoint is a great place to go for a fun-filled day of food and delicious drinks.

Peter Pan Donut Shop

Enjoy a donut at the Peter Pan Donut Shop, which has been in Greenpoint since the 1950s and still offers donuts made with original recipes. When you step into the shop, you feel like you’ve gone back in time; the employees wear retro work clothes and the decor is vintage.

Breweries in Greenpoint

There are many breweries throughout Brooklyn, especially in Greenpoint. Visit Threes Brewing during the day to enjoy one of their beers. During sunset, I prefer going to Greenpoint Beer and Ale. Their rooftop terrace features a stained-glass water tank, which is extra beautiful with the setting sun. And also the beers have funny names. Nothing is better than ending the day with a beer!

Greenpoint in Brooklyn - Breweries Greenpoint in Brooklyn - Atmosphere

Shopping in Greenpoint

Greenpoint is filled with boutiques and great vintage shops. You won’t come across many big chains there. Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op is a great place for vintage shopping in New York. You will find everything from clothes and vinyl records to furniture and art. This street is home to several old warehouses that have been transformed into shops.

Atmosphere in Greenpoint

Greenpoint was previously a neighbourhood where many workers lived with their families. Now it’s becoming increasingly popular among young people and creatives, making it very lively and resulting in more small businesses setting up shop in the area. There are many hip coffee shops that locals travel to by bike or skateboard. On many corners, you can still find old-fashioned bodegas, which are small neighbourhood grocery stores. Manhattan Avenue is considered Greenpoint’s main street, which is lined with many small shops and eateries.

Greenpoint is best explored by walking. Being among locals and going from a vintage shop to a local brewery and then on towards the waterfront for skyline views; for me, that’s Greenpoint. One minute you feel like you are in an old industrial part of New York, and the next you are among luxury high-rise buildings on the waterfront.

Greenpoint in Brooklyn - Small shops Greenpoint in Brooklyn - Local shops

Hotels in Greenpoint

You can find a number of hotels in Greenpoint. For instance, you can stay at The Box House Hotel, which is located near Long Island City. You need to cross the Pulaski Bridge to get anywhere. Franklin Guesthouse is a hotel that’s close to the NYC Ferry, which will easily connect you to Manhattan and other places in Brooklyn.

How to get to Greenpoint?

From Manhattan, you can visit Greenpoint in Brooklyn by taking the subway to Greenpoint Av or Nassau Av station. From there, you can walk through the neighbourhood. Another way to get to Greenpoint is by taking the NYC Ferry to Greenpoint or North Williamsburg.

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