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New York Bleeckerstreet Playground

Playgrounds in New York are not only a meeting place for children but especially for their parents and nannies. There’s a wide range of playgrounds in New York City: big, small, hip or casual, for very young kids or for older ones. On this page, you’ll find the most fun, freely accessible playgrounds in New York for children ages 0 to 12.


Mingle with the Locals

A morning or afternoon spent at a playground in New York isn’t just a treat for the children. The Central Park Playground, for instance, is beautiful with the many skyscrapers in the background. Besides that, it’s a pleasure to watch all of the people, while your child is making friends with one of the boys or girls that live on Park Avenue or wherever. Go and mingle with the locals in a New York playground!

Prestigious Playgrounds

Seeing as Manhattan is full of large and small playgrounds, you will come across quite a few during your stay in New York with children. Some playgrounds, like Bleecker Street Playground, have their own website and receive substantial donations from local residents. These are the more ‘prestigious’ playgrounds; having your child play there makes them one of the cool kids. It’s all about top-of-the-bill strollers, exclusive designer clothes, and Starbucks Babyccino’s (cappuccino with only milk foam). The playground has plenty of toys available for children to play with, as long as you put them back where you found them before leaving.

A Few Tips:

  • Taking pictures of other children is definitely not done. So: don’t!
  • Smoking and alcohol is strictly prohibited at all playgrounds and parks
  • The perfect moment for a playground visit is during lunch. Enjoy a sandwich in the sun, while your children are keeping themselves busy.
  • Plan your day carefully – playing is exhausting! In case you have other activities scheduled, don’t stick around the playground for too long.
  • A lot of playgrounds have (clean) toilets with a changing table, but not all of them.

Central Park Playground New York City

Bleecker Street Playground

Climbing frames, seesaws, and a big sandpit make this a pleasant playground, but it’s definitely the spot to see and to be seen. Plus: the location across from the original Magnolia Bakery is outstanding! Expect crowds during the summer.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-8
  • This playground does have toilets

Bleeckerstreet Playground in New York The Bleeckerstreet Playground in New York

Central Park Heckscher Playground

There may be many playgrounds in Central Park, but this one has a sandpit, numerous slides, rope courses, and other play equipment, which makes it the biggest and the best. Plus: the location near the Fifth Avenue and Columbus Circle skyscrapers is simply spectacular.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-12
  • This playground does have toilets

Central Park Playground in New York The Central Park Playground in New York

Main Street Playground

You can find this nice playground close to Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. With a fun nautical theme, all the climbing frames and the sandpit are in the form of boats. A centrepiece is a boat form with slides, climbing elements, bridges and a huge mast! The Main Street Playground is surrounded by trees and is situated almost under the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-10

Playgrounds in New York - Main Street Playground

Pier 1 Playground

This Brooklyn playground is located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront. Even though it’s small, the view is amazing. Note: the playground itself is meant for the younger ones, but in the rest of the park there’s plenty to do for older children.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-4

Older children might be up for crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pier 1 Playground New York

Madison Square Park Playground

Hidden behind Madison Square Park’s tall trees, you’ll find a small playground. With a climbing frame, swings and a 5-meter high water fountain (during in summer), it’s the perfect place for quick lunch outside.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-6

Get lunch from nearby Eataly (before noon to avoid crowds).

Madison Square Park Playground in New York The Madison Square Park Playground in New York

Union Square Playground

One of the main playgrounds of Manhattan. This one has swings, tunnels, slides, a water fountain and a lot more. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the Union Square Greenmarket takes place. Here you can buy delicious juices and sandwiches when the kids want a break from playing.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-12
  • This playground does have toilets

Playground Union Square in New York Union Square Playground in New York

Tom Otterness Playground

This playground has a slide, rocks to climb on and sprinklers. What makes this playground so special though, is the Tom Otterness slide. This artist is very famous in New York – he also created the sculptures at the 14th Street subway station. Here you’ll mostly meet children who live in the surrounding 53-story tower.

  • Always open
  • Mainly suited for children ages 2-6

Silver Towers Playground in New York

Washington Square Park Playgrounds

In this park, you find several playgrounds, and because of the size of Washington Square Park, you’ll be able to find them all easily. There’s a huge fountain for the children to play in, a play-field with fake grass for the little ones and one with slides and climbing frames – all newly renovated. Highly recommended!

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children aged 0-12
  • These playgrounds have toilets

Washington Square Playground New York

South Street Seaport

At this playground, children can play with sand, water and loose ‘bricks’ made out of foam. It encourages them to use their fantasy. The most fun playground in downtown Manhattan is here at South Street Seaport.

  • Open from 09:00 until 17:00
  • Mainly suited for children aged 6-12, although younger children will enjoy themselves as well

South Street Seaport Playground in New York South Street Seaport Playground New York

Pier 25 Play Area

This playground is located at Pier 25 next to the Hudson River. That means that your kid can play here by the marina with the little boats, and enjoy the views of New Jersey and One World Trade Center. The Pier 25 play area has different playgrounds. So There is a baby play area, but also a playground for three- to seven-year-olds with climbing frames and a real climbing wall. In the summer, there are also water activities to do. The special feature of Pier 25 is that there is also a beautiful 18-hole mini-golf course which only costs $10 (kids $5). This includes the materials!

This is the most beautiful playground in TriBeCa and because of its location, it is also the prettiest for the parents that come along.

  • Open at 08:00 until sunset
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • This playground has public toilets and food and beverages available

Mini Golf at Pier 25 in TriBeCa New York Pier 25 in TriBeCa New York

Domino Park Playground

The Domino Park Playground is located in Domino Park, where you can enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline. At the playground, kids can go down at one of the slides or play some volleyball on the field. It’s a dynamic place as well; there are always elements that are changing to keep it fun for everyone. It is easy to see your kids playing.

  • Open from dawn till dusk
  • Mainly suited for children ages 0-8
  • This playground has public toilets, food and beverages available

Playgrounds in New York - Domino Park

The Battery Playscape

You can find the Battery Playscape in Battery Park. This playground is worth making a detour for as it is huge and there is a lot for children to play with. There is a sandpit, slides, a climbing wall, and an amphitheatre. Your kids can go play here before or after your visit to the Statue of Liberty, as the terminal is next to the park. At the Staten Island Terminal, you can also get some lunch to enjoy at the playground or you can bring your own lunch.

Playgrounds in New York Battery Playscape

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