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Civic Center in New York

Civic Center in New York

Neighbourhood Civic Center

Civic Center in New York is a district bound in the west by Tribeca at Broadway and in the north by China Town at Worth Street. In the east by the East river and in the south by Financial District. The City Hall of New York is not open to the public, but is a beautiful building located in the Civic Center. Foley Square courthouses and other beautiful buildings are also located here. The Municipal Building was the first skyscraper built especially for the municipality.

Foley Square and Law and Order

Whomever visits this neighbourhood should certainly pay a visit to Foley Square. The name is synonymous for the New York legal system. If you’ve watched the TV show Law and Order, you will recognise a lot of it. Go through the pedestrian walkway directly to the Brooklyn Bridge!

Neighbourhood Civic Center - Courthouse Neighbourhood Civic Center - Law and Order

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