Little Island in New York

Little Island in New York

Little Island in New York is a park on piles on the Hudson River. Little Island is located in the Chelsea district and forms Pier 55. It consists of 280 concrete posts with a flared top, on which a city park has been built. The park is part of Hudson River Park on the west side of Manhattan and looks very futuristic. You can reach this green oasis via one of two walkways, the North Bridge and South Bridge, both located on the Hudson River Greenway.


Little Island at Pier 55

Little Island of course looks very special from a distance. When you visit it, it’s mainly “just” a park but a very beautiful one! If you take a walk here, you’ll encounter no fewer than 35 types of trees, 65 types of shrubs, and a few hundred other types of plants. This means it can rightly be called a green oasis in the Hudson. There are hiking trails that lead to the highest points on the island, offering beautiful views of Manhattan, New Jersey, and the river around you.

Don’t forget to look for an arch leading to the “secret garden”. This garden is full of all kinds of white flowers. Would you like to take a break? There are three grass areas on Little Island where you can enjoy the sun and a picnic. In the park, there are free-to-use toilets that are located in a cave-like environment. Not only convenient but also fun to visit.

Little Island in New York Park on Piles  Little Island in New York Green Oasis

The Origin of Little Island

The idea of ​​Little Island was born in 2012 and is a project of millionaire Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. The design comes from the well-known English designer Thomas Heatherwick, who also created The Vessel. Little Island’s wavy design is inspired by a leaf floating on the water. Construction of the island started in 2017 and the project was completed in 2021.

Events on Little Island in New York

There are two stages in the park. There is a 700-seat amphitheatre called The Amph, for theatre, music and dance performances. And at the secret garden is a smaller theatre called The Glade. Here all kinds of artists perform, from bands to buskers.

Visiting Little Island

Little Island is located along the Hudson River Greenway, in a place where previously only cyclists, walkers and skaters would pass. The place is not a tourist hotspot so it’s not that busy in the immediate vicinity. The park, together with Gansevoort Peninsula, gives a nice new energy to this area.

There are a number of other attractions nearby that are nice to combine with a visit to Little Island. The atmospheric Meatpacking District is close by, as well as the Whitney Museum. If you’d like to exchange the glass and concrete of Midtown for trees and plants a little longer, start with a walk on the High Line and then finish with settling on one of Little Island’s lawns.

Eric’s Tip: “When you are exploring the neighbourhoods and attractions around Little Island, this park is the perfect place to rest. You can grab a fresh lunch at nearby Chelsea Market, then take it to the park for a picnic. On nice days you can enjoy the sun on one of the lawns and when it’s very hot; the fresh breeze from the river offers coolness.”

Little Island in New York - The Whole Island

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