Free New York Yankees Gifts

Free New York Yankees Gifts

Free New York Yankees gifts are handed out at a number of games during the baseball season. Many of these New York Yankees gifts are true collectors’ items that I enjoy bringing back home with me.

From bobbleheads and Yankees caps to mugs and T-shirts, you can get several unique items for free when you attend a game. Who wouldn’t want that? Find the New York Yankees promotional schedule 2023 here.


Free New York Yankees Gifts

Giveaways take place at various New York baseball games, and from several teams, including the New York Mets. However, this doesn’t happen at every game and the gift is also different each time. Sometimes it’s a hoodie and other times it might be an iconic bobblehead or a cap. Personally, I find it incredibly fun to collect these items. I always check before I go to a game to see if anything is being handed out for free!

If a gift is given away at your match, it doesn’t matter what ticket you have or where you’re sitting; they’re for everyone. All you have to do is be there on time so that there are still plenty of Yankees gifts left because when they are gone, they are gone! Tickets to the game may even be cheaper than the item you get for free. For some games, you can get a New York Yankees ticket for as little as $10, while a Yankees cap, for example, is worth around $30.

Eric’s Tip: “Be on time to get the free gift: about an hour before the start of the game should be fine. You might want to arrive as early as possible for popular items like bobbleheads, as they go fast. The stadium opens two hours before the game. If one of the entrances is out of giveaways, you can try another. Getting the promotional item is not difficult; I have never had any problems with it. The only important thing is to be there on time.”


Bobbleheads are handed out at several games. These little bobblehead figures are unique items that aren’t always sold separately. This makes it extra special if you can get one!

New York Yankees Cap

For many, a Yankees cap is a nice souvenir to buy during a game. They come in all sorts of prints and colours, but sometimes they are handed out as a promotional giveaway, such as the classic blue cap or one with a camouflage print for Military Appreciation Day.

New York Yankees Mug

The New York Yankees Oris Bear mug is handed out once a year and cannot be bought separately. It’s very special if you have one at home!

New York Yankees Merchandise

As well as bobbleheads, caps and the mug, items like clothing and calendars are also handed out. These free gifts are also dedicated to the New York baseball team.

2024 Schedule: New York Yankees Free Gift

Come back in 2024 to see the free New York Yankees gifts

If you are looking for New York Yankees gifts, you can order them here.

When will free gifts be handed out at New York Yankees games?

Check the overview to see when particular gifts are handed out at New York Yankees games.
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