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Rooftop Bar Tour in New York

Rooftop Bar Tour in New York

Rooftop Bar Tour in New York

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The rooftop bar tour in New York offers you an opportunity to discover some of Manhattan’s best rooftop bars at a reasonable cost. See breathtaking city views that only get better whilst enjoying your drink amongst New Yorkers. There are many advantages to Booking a rooftop bar tour. The host ensures that you don’t have to wait in line! In addition, you don’t risk being refused at the door and also aren’t obliged to order expensive drinks. It is, therefore, the easiest way to enjoy a fun night out in New York!

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Partying in rooftop bars

I highly recommend this tour if you want to discover New Yorks’ hippest rooftop bars. You will visit three rooftop bars during this three hour tour. In addition, transportation between the bars is included in the price. There are also three complimentary drinks included. Although each tour is different, it always includes genuine Manhattan hotspots. The tour is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and starts at 19:00. If you are here between April and October, you can enjoy the sunset over Manhattan. This tour is nice to do all year round, also in the winter. Many bars have heaters outside and there’s always an indoor area as well.

Rooftop Bar Tour in New York - PHD Rooftop Bar Tour in New York - 230 Fifth

Why book this tour?

This tour takes you to multiple locations. They are usually so popular that, especially on weekends it’s difficult to get in when you go alone. Don’t expect a ‘tour’ in the classical sense of the word, where the host explains things and gives facts, but a fun night out with speedy entrance and free drinks! The bonus of this tour is that you get to skip the long queues and in addition get a few drinks included that would normally be very pricey. Bear in mind that due to safety regulations the drinks are sometimes served in plastic cups.

The tour operator has the choice of a number of rooftop bars and will check prior to each evening what the best locations are to visit. All rooftop bars are located in or have a view over Manhattan. Occasionally there can be a private event in one of the bars, so not all of the space is accessible to the tour group. In some locations, it may be that only the inside area is accessible. After you arrive in the final bar, the host will leave. You are free to stay though, for as long as you like, and enjoy a real New York night out.

The number of participants on this tour varies per evening but the maximum is 40 people. The group is often international, the host will speak English and possibly another language. In many of the bars there is a dress code, so it is encouraged to dress up for this tour.

Eric’s Tip: I have been on this tour several times and enjoyed it a lot! The tour might seem rather expensive, but it’s more than worth it. You get three drinks included, which would cost almost as much as the tour itself (rooftop bars in New York are expensive, so don’t be surprised to pay $15 for a cocktail and $10 for a beer). In addition, you get in to all the bars straight away, a huge bonus at the popular bars where you would otherwise have to wait in line. Personally, I think this tour is most fun to do on a Friday or a Saturday.

Practical information

After purchasing, you will receive a voucher with all the information. You don’t need to print the voucher.

  • Duration: This tour has an open end, but concludes at the last venue. Please note there’s no transportation back to the meeting point.
  • Departure point: 235 West 46th Street
  • Departure time: 19:00, make sure you arrive 15 min before. If you are late, your participation in the tour is not guaranteed. The operator will do their best to get you a spot.
  • Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
  • Minimum age: 21 years, always bring a valid ID
  • Dress code: No sneakers, baggy jeans, caps or shorts
    • Recommendation for men: stylish jeans, button down shirt, black shoes or a suit
    • Recommendation for women: stylish evening attire with (comfortable) stylish shoes
  • Please note: With this tour three drinks are included in the price. The host will give you the drink options, depending on what is available per bar (mixed drinks/ wine/ prosecco/ beer). If your drink of choice is not included, you can decide to order it separately, at full price. There will be no refunds if you do not choose to consume one of the drinks on offer.
  • The tour is not responsible for any damages resulting from any accident and reserves the right to remove any participants who are misbehaving

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