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Tax Free Shopping New York

Tax Free Shopping New York

Tax-Free Shopping in New York

I get a lot of questions about tax free shopping in New York. The United States doesn’t calculate a national tax for products, but there are tax rules per state, county and city. New York is among the cities with the highest taxes of the country, the total sales tax is 8.875%. This percentage consists of 4.5% New York City tax, 4% New York State tax and 0,375% Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge.

Prices are always shown without tax in all shops and restaurants in New York. This is because often there are different taxes calculated. The taxes are always added at the checkout to the total amount.

Tax free shopping

Clothing and shoes under $110 are tax free in New York. This rule applies per individual item, so even if you’re buying more products and the total amount is over $110, as long as the individual prices are under $110, no tax is added. For some other items, like newspapers and magazines, packed foods and medicines you don’t have to pay tax either.

In the United States it’s not possible to claim tax returns when you leave the country. Are you still looking for a tourist discount? As a foreign visitor you are offered extra discount at Macy’s Herald Square. Read here how to claim this discount.

Keep in mind that there’s a maximum amount of products (or maximum value) you can bring into Australia. You read more about bringing back goods from New York here.

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