Bringing Back Goods From New York

Bringing Back Goods from New York

What do you need to keep in mind bringing back goods from New York? That you don’t bring back too much! You are allowed to bring back goods worth up to A$900 for adults and A$450 for age 18 and younger, duty-free per person. So make sure the total worth of your purchases doesn’t exceed this amount. It doesn’t matter if you bought a designer coat at Macy’s or bought electronics and gadgets in New York, keep below the A$900 or A$450 mark to avoid trouble.


What if I go Over my Allowance?

If you bring in more than your duty-free allowance for general goods, you’ll need to pay duty on all of your goods not just on the excess so keep that in mind when going shopping in New York.

What can I Bring Back to Australia?

You can bring back general goods such as clothes, electronics and gadgets, jewellery, watches, sports gear, leather goods, souvenirs, cameras and gifts. As long as the total is a maximum of A$900 for adults and A$450 for children younger than 18, you don’t have to pay duty. You can also bring alcohol and tobacco, but the amount you can bring back to Australia is limited. You’re not allowed to bring any meat, meat products, fruits, and vegetables into Australia. This means you can’t fill your suitcase with that ham from Little Italy. Contamination is strictly checked, so don’t track dirt back to Australia. Make sure your shoes and other equipment is free from soil, mud, clay, animal feces or plant material like leaves and bark. You’re allowed to take the following with you:


If you’re age 18 or older, you can bring a total of 2.25 litres of alcoholic drinks into Australia. You must have a certificate to bring in commercial quantities of brandy, whisky or rum.

Tobacco and Cigarettes

If you’re 18 or older, you can bring in the following:

  • up to 25 cigarettes, or
  • 25 grams of tobacco products
  • plus one open packet of cigarettes


No fruits, vegetables, and meat products are allowed into Australia.

Other Items

When in doubt, have a look here for detailed information on what can and cannot be brought into Australia.

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