New York Helicopter Tour Routes

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New York Helicopter Tour Routes

What do you see exactly when you take a helicopter tour of New York? Click here to see photos from a helicopter tour. But what is the route that the helicopters take and how do I know which helicopter tour is best for me? A short flight or a longer one? Because I often get asked these questions, I created this page.

Below is a description of the different flights, three of the routes are shown on the map. There are no flights on Sundays anymore, which leave from Manhattan. This makes the other days sell out faster, so reserve your spot before you go to New York.

Manhattan Sky, Scenic and Grand Island Helicopter Tour

The route with the red line is called Manhattan Sky. This helicopter tour takes approximately 12-15 minutes and is the shortest of all three helicopter tours. The price is about A$294 which also makes it the cheapest helicopter tour.

Book the Manhattan Sky Tour here

The route with the yellow line is called a Scenic tour. It takes the same route as the tour marked with the red line (Manhattan Sky Tour), but this helicopter tour continues further towards Harlem and you may even see the Yankee Stadium. This tour lasts approximately 18 minutes and costs about A$394.

Book the Scenic Tour here

The route with the blue line is called Grand Island Tour. This is the longest tour, meaning it also costs the most. You fly by Staten Island and you will even see the Bronx. Of course, you will also see the same sites as the tours marked with the red and yellow lines (listed above), but you will see much more with this route. This price is approximately A$454. Now also available with roundtrip transfer from Midtown Manhattan!

Book the Grand Island Tour here

Helicopter Flight on Sunday

The flights above all depart from Manhattan. Due to strict city regulations, it is not permitted for these flights to take place on Sundays. Do you still want to take your helicopter flight on a Sunday? Then there’s a low priced flight from New Jersey, including the option of a transfer to the heliport!

Book your helicopter flight on Sunday here

New York Helicopter Tour Routes - Manhattan Skyline New York Helicopter Tour Routes Govenors Island

Evening Flight with Cruise

EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE! If you really want to do something spectacular, book an evening flight with a cruise! You’ll first take a helicopter flight that takes 12 to 15 minutes (see the red route below). The flight leaves around 5:30 p.m., which means that between October and March, you’ll experience a real evening flight, but one in the afternoon/sunset between April and September. You can then take a short walk to Pier 16 to board the cruise. Leaving from Manhattan the boat takes you past the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island and One World Trade Center. Also, you can enjoy a (complimentary) box of chocolates while taking in the Statue of Liberty!

This is the ONLY evening flight with a departure in Manhattan! You will be amazed by the beautiful lights. An absolute must, especially for people who already done a helicopter tour and now want to experience something unique. The price is around A$517.

Book the Evening Flight with Cruise here

If you want to fly later in the evening or if the above flight is sold out, you can book this evening flight that leaves from New Jersey. You can get here by train from Penn Station. This flight doesn’t include a cruise.

Book the Evening Flight from New Jersey here

No-Door Helicopter Tour

Just as spectacular is the no-door helicopter flight. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, photographers and anyone else who wants to do something extra special in New York. Without the restrictions of the doors, you have the clearest views of Manhattan and all its famous sites. The flight departs from an airport in New Jersey, close to Manhattan. After take-off, you fly for 15 minutes over Downtown Manhattan. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the view and take some beautiful photos.

Book the No Door Helicopter Tour here

VIP Helicopter Tour including Limousine Transfer

This helicopter package makes you feel like a VIP! It combines a helicopter flight with a limousine transfer to and from the heli platform. The fully-equipped limo will pick you up in Midtown, Downtown or Lower Manhattan and bring you conveniently to the departure location of the flight. During the 20-minute helicopter tour, you can enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and One World Observatory from the air.

Book the VIP Helicopter Tour including Limousine Transfer here

Private Helicopter Tour

Do you want a private helicopter flight, is money no issue? Then this is your chance! With this 30-minute tour, you’ll see the most popular sights of New York, alone or with your friends/loved-one. The helicopter seats a maximum of 5 people, so if there are only two of you, the other seats will be empty and you’ll have the whole helicopter to yourselves. This is a great thing to do if you have an important day to celebrate. This flight leaves from New Jersey, you can travel there by train from Penn Station.

Book the private helicopter tour here

Additional Information

Important! After booking your flight, make sure you contact the tour operator to confirm the exact date and time of your booking. After making your booking online, you will receive a voucher by email containing all the operator’s contact information. I advise that you contact them at least two weeks in advance. If you are booking within two weeks before your flight, get in touch with the operator right away to confirm the time and date. The earlier you confirm your booking, the more choice you have of the available time slots.

If your plans change upon arriving in New York and you want to rebook your helicopter flight, you can do so by contacting the tour operator.


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