New York Street Food

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New York street food is a great way to eat the way local New Yorkers do: well! The food vendors serve quickly, and the food is hot, of good quality and most importantly, delicious. There are lots of options to choose from such as Mexican tacos, Korean barbecue chicken and Belgian waffles. Are your tastebuds tingling yet?


New York Street Food

New York street food is honestly very good. I’ve seen food carts become more professional and the quality has increased tremendously over the years, which is why they draw queues. Especially in Midtown and in the Financial District you’ll find a lot of food carts that primarily cater to the businesspeople. In these areas, you’ll find a lot of options. So if you’re heading to a Broadway show and want a quick bite, or just want to explore some of the different types of cuisines available (New York is called the melting pot after all!) then I highly recommend going to a food cart.

New York Street Food - Food on the go New York Street Food - Cart

New York Food Carts Tour

If you don’t want to explore the food carts on your own or want to know more about how they came to be, then take the New York food cart tour. On the New York food cart tour you’ll be able to explore the street food that draws in queues of people for their lunch or dinner. Together with a local guide, you’ll explore the food carts of Midtown Manhattan or the Financial District. Have a light breakfast as you’ll want to be hungry! This tour includes six generous samplings.

You’ll start either in Midtown or the Financial District. Your local tour guide will first explain a little bit about the concept of street food in general and food carts and trucks specifically. How did they become so popular? Is it safe to eat street food? Is it hygienic? Really? After the introduction, the most important part of the tour will start the sampling. During two hours you’ll walk to six different food carts, and at each one, you’ll be able to snack on a variety of tasty treats. You’ll also be able to talk to the street vendors in person and they’ll tell you about the city’s restrictions and fellow food cart rivalries.

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Eric’s Tip: “I’m a big fan of New York food carts as they really serve quality food within minutes. They can adapt your order any way without blinking. I have my favourite food cart, it’s a place that sells the best gyros, and because of that, I’ve never really taken the opportunity to explore all of the different options and cuisines. That’s because there is just too much to choose from! This tour was a great way, even for me, to try different food carts. I talked to a few of the street vendors and it was great to learn about their businesses and incredible work ethic. I thought the samples were very generous and quite frankly, I didn’t even need to eat dinner that night.”

New York Street Food - Halal Guys New York Street Food - Halal Guys Food Cart

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