Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York

Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York

Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York are the heart of the city when it comes to finance and law. The World Trade Center’s iconic Twin Towers used to characterise Manhattan’s skyline. Nowadays, after the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, the 9/11 Memorial is one of the biggest draws to this part of the city – if not the whole city. Lower Manhattan is, as the name suggests, located at the most Southern part of the island. You’ll find it in between Chamber Street, the Hudson River with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the East River and Battery Park/New York Harbour.

The Financial District

The Financial District consists of many offices and the headquarters of New York’s most important financial companies. Is this corporate environment any interesting for you as a tourist? Well, I would not recommend spending the night here, as a business district like this clears out after office hours. But for only a day? Definitely! There is a lot to see. The 9/11 Memorial of course, and how about the iconic Wall Street? Instead of taking on this urban jungle adventure all by yourself, you can opt for a guided tour. The guide will tell you all about 9/11, both from a factual as from a personal perspective.

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Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York - Aerial View

Wall Street

Wall Street symbolises the American financial world, and even has its own movie. I can’t guarantee you any Leonardo DiCaprio encounters, but Wall Street is definitely worth a visit in any case. Amongst the many skyscrapers you’ll find the world-famous stock exchange, the Trinity Church that, back in the 20th century, dominated the skyline with her massive height of 282 feet, and the Federal Hall, where back in 1789 George Washington was inaugurated as the United States’ first ever president.

Lower Manhattan and the Financial District in New York - Bull Trinity Church Lower Manhattan New York

Stone Street

Once you’ve had enough of all things ‘business-y’, the solution is close-by. Right behind Wall Street you’ll find Stone Street; an authentic little street that succeeded to escape from the rigorous renewals that hit this area during the end of the previous century. In the summer you can relax on one of the terraces that fill the street, enjoy a gourmet pizza at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar or an all-you-can-eat buffet at Ulysses.

Stone Street Lower Manhattan New York Statue Cruises Lower Manhattan New York

The Other side of Lower Manhattan

But Lower Manhattan has much more to offer, like the waterfront Battery Park, for example. Or the much smaller, historical Bowling Green. It isn’t much more than a big fountain with a couple of benches, but it is New York’s oldest park. Next to this park you’ll find the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, which is also worth a visit. The New York department of the National Museum of the American Indian is located inside this building

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Lower Manhattan is the entrance to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. If you are in this part of town, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity of catching a boat for a beautiful tour to these world-famous hotspots.

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Eric’s Tip: Will you be visiting the Financial District in the warmer days? Bring a sweater or a coat! The massive buildings will have you walking in the shade most of the day. Even in winter, expect a windchill compared to elsewhere in town. The wind will ruthlessly blow through the so-called ‘canyons’, which can result in a windchill.

Lower Manhattan in NYC - Museum of the American Indian Lower Manhattan in NYC - 1WTC

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