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Hudson Yards Vessel in New York

The Vessel in New York is a construction in Hudson Yards, at High Line Park. Made up of a number of staircases, connected by platforms, in the form of an oval; it’s difficult to explain what Vessel is exactly. I can, maybe best describe it as being somewhere between a building, a work of art and a monument. Above all, it’s a real eye catcher in Hudson Yards, at the end of High Line Park. Vessel is the brainchild of British designer, Thomas Heatherwick.

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The Vessel is temporarily closed, but you can still enter the ground level for free

Buying Vessel Tickets

You need a ticket to visit the Vessel. You can buy your tickets in advance here. There are different types of tickets. When you buy a flex ticket, you can decide the date of your visit in advance. On the spot, you can choose what time you want to go inside. Please note that some tickets have a one-hour time slot when you can enter, after which you can stay for as long as you want. Due to security measures, it’s not possible to enter the Vessel alone. You must always enter with a minimum of two people and purchase two or more tickets.

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What is Vessel?

Vessel is definitely an attention grabbing construction, comprising 154 interconnecting flights of stairs, with no less than 2,500 steps. In addition, it is 15 storeys high, so a climb to the top is definitely a workout! The views from the 80 viewing platforms, however, promise to make it all worthwhile. The recurring forms in the structure are reminiscent of Escher’s drawings. Although, everyone seems to see something different in its unusual shape. For example, a honeycomb, a beehive, a climbing frame or even a basket.

Location of Vessel

Vessel is located in Manhattan’s newest neighbourhood, Hudson Yards. To be precise, in ‘Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards’, a community park full of plants and trees. You will be able to see it if you are taking a walk over the High Line. This sprawling park is the epicentre of the eastern part of Hudson Yards. Further consisting of eight buildings with various uses such as offices, housing and shopping spaces, plus a cultural institute called The Shed. In addition, there is the 30 Hudson Yards building which is home to the Edge Hudson Yards Observation Deck. This part of Hudson Yards can be found between 30th and 34th Streets and 10th and 11th Avenue.

Eric’s Tip: I really liked Vessel, it’s absolutely worth visiting. It doesn’t cost much time, half an hour is probably sufficient for most visitors. It’s close to The High Line and great to combine with visiting other places in Hudson Yards. For visitors with reduced mobility there’s an elevator available. And make sure to hold on to your camera when you hold it over the railing for a selfie!

Hudson Yards Vessel in New York - Vessel structure Hudson Yards Vessel in New York - View from Vessel

Vessel Tour

When the above tickets are sold out or if you would like to visit Vessel with a guide, then you can book this other tour for the Vessel, Hudson Yards and High Line Park. The tour will start near Chelsea Market. Here you enter the High Line and walk the old train tracks that turned into a park. At the end of the High Line you’ll find the Hudson Yards area, including the Vessel. You’ll climb the impressive structure and have a view of the city from this unique perspective.

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Practical Information

  • Location: Vessel is located at Public Square and Gardens in Hudson Yards.
  • Opening hours: Open daily from 10:00 to 21:00, in the winter closing at 19:00.

What is the Vessel in Hudson Yards?

Hudson Yards Vessel in New York, also known as New York’s Staircase, is a construction at Hudson Yards near High Line Park. A great place to visit! Read why.

Do you need tickets for the Vessel at Hudson Yards?

Yes, you need tickets to visit the Vessel. There are a number of options to get tickets but I advise to book in advance here as there are limited spots.

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