Dumbo in New York

DUMBO in New York

Dumbo, or DUMBO, in New York is a neighbourhood in the Brooklyn borough. Dumbo is short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, perfectly describing where this creative neighbourhood is located. Dumbo in Brooklyn is known for its many art galleries, coffee shops, and cobblestone streets. Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Flea, and Washington Street can also be found here.


Atmosphere in DUMBO

Dumbo used to be an industrial area. Back then it was known as Gairville, and this is now reflected in the many warehouses. In the late 1970s, Dumbo was cheap to live in and the spaces were large, so many artists moved to this area. Today, this is reflected in the many art galleries, but there are also many boutiques and bakeries in this neighbourhood in Brooklyn.

Sightseeing in Dumbo

DUMBO is the perfect neighbourhood to walk around and explore. But there are also many things worth visiting when you are in this part of Brooklyn.

Manhattan Bridge Photo

Washington Street is a well-known street in New York. From this street in DUMBO, the Empire State Building is perfectly framed by the pillar of the Manhattan Bridge. This is the spot to take the famous photo, you cannot take a more beautiful picture of the Manhattan Bridge!

DUMBO in New York Washington Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park

On the waterfront of Dumbo in Brooklyn you’ll find Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park offers breathtaking views of Manhattan and is a perfect place for a picnic or walk. The park is also home to the old-fashioned merry-go-round Jane’s Carousel. This is not only fun for children, but adults can also take a ride.

DUMBO in New York Brooklyn Bridge Park

DUMBO Flea Market

On Sundays, Dumbo is extra fun to visit, because then the DUMBO Flea Market takes place. The flea market, which is part of the Brooklyn Flea, is one of the best flea markets in the US. The market takes place at the DUMBO Archway, under the Manhattan Bridge.

DUMBO in New York Flea market DUMBO in New York Library

Adams Street Library

This old warehouse has been transformed into a library and is fun to walk into. The Adams Street Library is the first new branch to open after 1983 and is part of the Brooklyn Public Library. From inside, you can admire the view of the Manhattan Bridge. The building cannot be missed because of the large letters on the side.

Eric’s Tip: In my Eric’s New York App, you can find several walking tours, including one through DUMBO. Walk with me along all kinds of places in Brooklyn and discover this side of New York.

Restaurants in Dumbo

Dumbo in New York is known for its many coffee shops, making it a fun place to explore with a coffee to go. One of my favourites is Butler, which can be found almost directly under the Brooklyn Bridge. They have some good breakfast and lunch options here. Empire Stores is also located in this neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Located between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge and directly adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge Park, the old warehouse is a gathering place for shops, offices and restaurants. One of the restaurants is Cecconi’s; a place for a luxurious dinner and especially the brunch is very good here. The restaurant is adjacent to the park, giving you a view of Manhattan.

In the Empire Stores, you will also find Time Out Market New York. When you visit the old warehouse, I recommend you to go to the roof. From here you have a view over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline and the Manhattan Bridge.

DUMBO in New York rooftop DUMBO in New York Empire Stores

Hotels in Dumbo

There are no hotels in Dumbo itself, but there are hotels in the surrounding neighbourhoods. For example, you can stay at Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown or Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want to go for more luxury and stay closer to Dumbo, I recommend 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. This Brooklyn hotel has a rooftop pool with beautiful views of Manhattan.

How to get to Dumbo?

You can travel from Manhattan to Dumbo in a number of ways. One of the best ways is to walk or cycle across the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge. Another way is to take the NYC Ferry. This is an easy and cheap way to get to Dumbo. Take the East River Route and the South Brooklyn Route and enjoy great views of the skyline along the way. If you want to get to DUMBO quickly, the underground is the best way. You can take the A or C line to High Street, or the F line to York Street. From the metro stations, it is a short walk to Dumbo.

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