Buying eSIM for the USA with data, calls and texts

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Buying eSIM for the USA with data calls and texts

Buying an eSIM for the USA with data, calls and texts included is quick and simple! This mobile plan allows you to use the internet on your phone and provides you with a phone number so you can call and text in the United States as well as more than 125 other countries.

The eSIM is a SIM card that is often already in your phone without you even knowing it. It is a built-in chip that you can put an eSIM on so that you can access the internet, make calls and send texts during your trip to New York or any other destination. You don’t need to order a physical SIM card and insert it into your phone.

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eSIM for the USA and the rest of the world

Using the internet, calling and texting in America can be quite expensive, which is where an eSIM card comes in really handy! With this eSIM card, you’ll get an additional phone number on top of your own. This is the phone number you can use to call and text while you’re in the United States and more than 125 other countries!

Mobile plan types

There are several prepaid plans to choose from. For example, you can select a plan that includes 3GB of data, 30 minutes of calls and 30 SMS, which is valid for 30 days. There are even more plans available, such as one that is valid for 365 days. This is a perfect option if you travel frequently!

How to install an eSIM plan with internet, calls and texts?

Installing an eSIM card can be quite complicated, so I put together this step-by-step guide to help you out.

  1. Before purchasing, first check if your phone is compatible with a global eSIM card.
  2. Buy the mobile plan you want: you will then receive a QR code along with a phone number.
  3. On an iPhone, go to settings and “select mobile network,” where you can find the ”add mobile subscription” button. This will take you to your phone’s camera, allowing you to scan the QR code. You should scan the QR code with the phone you want to use for internet data in New York. The plan will then be installed on your phone.
    On a Samsung phone, go to “connections” via settings, where you can find the SIM card management screen. Here you can add a mobile service plan. Scan the QR code with the phone you want to use to access internet data in New York. The plan will then be installed on your phone.
  4. Take the time to go over all of the steps you receive from the provider. It is very straightforward as long as you read everything carefully.
  5. All you have to do next is turn on the eSIM card in your settings! If you need any help, Airalo’s website has additional explanations, including videos. As I don’t sell eSIM cards myself, please contact the provider if you have any questions after the setup.
  6. Using the provider’s app, you can check how much data, minutes, and SMS you have left. In addition, you can top up your eSIM card if you need to.
Eric’s Tip: “If you just want to use the internet while you’re in the United States, I recommend getting an eSIM card data plan. This data-only eSIM plan gives you internet access and is a cheaper option. If you travel a lot or need to make phone calls while abroad, then you can choose this global eSIM card with internet data, calling and texting included.”

Buying eSIM for the USA with data calls and texts - Overview

An additional phone number

When you buy this eSIM, you will receive a +43 phone number. Your phone will now have two phone numbers! Both your regular number as well as the new +43 number can be used at the same time.

You can use this new number to call more than 125 countries, including phone numbers in the United States and from the US to an Australian number. This is especially useful if, for example, you need to contact your transport from the airport or confirm a (helicopter) tour.

When calling, make sure you select the correct number. In your settings, you can make the new +43 number your default phone number.

Receiving a phone call: If you receive calls on your regular Australian phone number, your AU carrier will charge you a high fee. That is why you should have the calls made to your new phone number that you received with the eSIM. This will cost you phone minutes but not money.

Eric’s Tip: “To avoid accidentally calling with your Australian phone number, you can also temporarily disable the number in your phone’s settings. Then there is no chance of you facing unexpected costs.”

Using WhatsApp

When you use this SIM card, you can continue to use apps like WhatsApp because it connects to the internet. Also, if you make audio or video calls with WhatsApp, it will be deducted from your data rather than your call minutes.

Hotspot with eSIM

Buying the eSIM for America is easy and you can manage everything from your phone. The data plan also allows you to establish a personal hotspot, so you can share your cheap internet in New York with other devices. Not only do phones have an eSIM, but the built-in chip is also found in iPads and laptops among other things.

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Can an eSIM be used for calls?

Making and receiving calls is possible with an eSIM card which gives you a new phone number. Read more here.

What is the difference between an eSIM and a SIM card?

An eSIM card is a virtual SIM card that is embedded into your phone through a chip. It is possible to add mobile plans to it. SIM cards are physical cards.


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