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Being Single in New York

Being Single in New York

Being Single in New York

In the “Single’s Capital” of the world, solitary travellers are hardly noticed. Indeed, being single in New York is great. It is perfectly normal to do things by yourself here. Many people go shopping, take a walk in the park, visit concerts or just sit alone in a café. People who don’t care for dining alone in a restaurant can always sit at the bar and enjoy a chat with the friendly staff or locals.










Traveling alone in New York

There are no problems for women traveling alone in New York, it is one of the safest cities in the world. Note that frustrated employees drinking large quantities in Midtown bars can often be a mood killer. Late night travellers are advised to take a taxi rather than the subway when alone in the wee hours. Try to book a Manhattan hotel in either Midtown or SoHo. This way you are central and avoid travelling longer distances at night. As long as it is not situated above 90th Street, it will be fine.

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