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Doggy Bag in New York

Doggy Bag in New York


Taking home a doggy bag in New York is an age old tradition. With such large portion sizes in the city, you can be pretty sure that you will not be able to eat all of your food. Even when dining at the most chic restaurants, it is very normal to ask to have your leftovers wrapped up to take home with you. The portions served in delis and diners are even larger. In the past, workers would eat here after the late shift and take home their leftovers in a doggy bag.

How do I obtain a doggy bag?

Very simple, just leave your leftover food on your plate and do not throw your napkin on top of it. In 90% of the restaurants, the server will ask you if you want to take your leftovers home. If they do not ask, you can ask them, “Can you wrap this up for me?”

Eric’s tip: Sometimes, you should order one dish to share for two people. Especially if you are ordering a sandwich and french fries in a diner. That way you save money and you are not stuck with leftovers to carry or wasting food by throwing it away.

Doggy Bag in New York - Olive Garden Doggy Bag in New York

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